Muriel C. Hahn
Chairwoman Board Governors
Friends of Cas Berris Association

Greetings Cas Berris Sponsors and Friends,

The time spent for either vacation or business is precious. For me, The Mediterranean provides the best environment in the world for both absolute relaxation and thorough concentration.

Cas Berris could be located anywhere on the globe and be an unequaled premier vacation and business destination – now add the rapture of a breathtaking and exciting Mediterranean island and become immersed in the Cas Berris purely mediterranean ambiance – savor your best holiday or treasure your most successful meeting.

Cas Berris purely mediterranean is under the dedicated, inspired and unflagging administration of Stephen D, Bradley, President and General Manager Cas Berris Operations and General Manager Cas Berris Estate. Stephen Bradley’s relentless attention to detail and demand for the best product has created a dinning and cocktail program for Cas Berris purely mediterranean that is unparalleled in preparations and thoughtful service. His expertise guides (I know; sometimes he must push and pull) Cas Berris purely mediterranean through an impossible but, accomplished agenda of beautiful and significant physical upgrades of the estate and the rigors of 21st Century international banking and business.

Please accept my tremendous appreciation of your enthusiasm for Cas Berris as demonstrated by your Sponsorships; in return you have my personal unrelenting commitment to design ways to enhance your stay at Cas Berris purely mediterranean. I know there is always more to be accomplished and an improved experience to be relished.

Kind Regards – MCH

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