Mission Statement

Destination Pinnacle a United States (Florida) for profit Corporation is charged with three (3) interdependent tasks.

First (1st) task is the creation and implementation of the globe’s unsurpassed and unequalled – in all terms, all respects and all qualifications –

Exclusive Luxury Travel Destination

Our Destination honors a twofold purpose.

Purpose One (1) is providing: The unforgettable social holiday / vacation of a lifetime.

Purpose Two 2. The ultimate corporate exercise for supreme productivity and / or client enrichment.

The Destination’s goal is to exceed the levels of the World’s best regarded destinations such as, Camp David and The Wye River Plantation.

Our Destination achieves the Pinnacle and maintains itself on the Pinnacle of the Luxury Destination Travel Market (segment).

Our Destination celebrates and implements exclusivity by mirroring the Pinnacle – the Pinnacle is exclusive – there is only space for one (1) Destination on the Pinnacle. There is space at our Destination for only (1) Host / Client and his or her guests (at a time). The Destination’s availability is limited. Therefore, Host / clients are limited in number to a few.

Second (2nd) Task (2) is earning a margin on gross revenue. Margin is necessitated by the Destination’s continual demand for upgrades and enhancements which are needed to establish the highest level of competiveness within the market sector. The competitive edge is needed to ward off the competition – to stay (maintain the position) on the Pinnacle. Concurrently, being on the Pinnacle continually creates solid margin. Success in terms of margin validates the company’s efforts, toil and focus toward fulfilling the entire mission.

Third (3rd) Task is being world’s most responsible business citizen by implementing our Corporate Governance Policies:

  1. Contributing to the local and national community in which our Destination is located. Contribution is accomplished by:
    1. Local citizens staffing the entire enterprise.
      1. DP trains staff
      2. The rate of compensation is to exceed by a minimum of 20% the market’s typical rate of compensation. (Paying the best does not guarantee us the best; but it permits us to expect the best.) Good compensation allows our staff to become proactive participants in the wellbeing of the local economy.
      3. We also encourage and support our staff to be active and to realize leadership roles in the community.
      4. Encouraging and insisting on diversity by providing a friendly, dignified and efficient workplace environment for men and women that respects all cultures, races, religions and personal life preferences.   
    2. Utilizing local vendors and contractors whenever possible.
    3. Revenues primarily originate from outside of the country helping to further strengthen the local and national economy.
      1. The exception to this is partnering with national and local businesses and governments to assist in the promotion and or introduction of local and national goods and services to international markets outside of the country.
    4. Directing profits to lifelong programs that elevate at risk children through education (language growth) and sport (sailing).
    5. Creating a landmark (international – multinational) institution of the highest caliber – exceeding the rank, position, standing, status, reputation, prominence, weight, consequence, import and substance of Wye River Plantation and Camp David  – that is recognized worldwide and identified with the national and local community.
  2. Contributing to the national and international community by operating to achieve a zero-carbon footprint. This is accomplished by being certain that all upgrades to our property operate with renewable energy sources and a zero-carbon footprint and to retrofit all existing energy usage to zero carbon within five (5) years.
  3. Establishing and maintaining scrupulous business ethics and standards.
    1. We also insist that all of our partners, vendors, clients operate with similarly honorable ethics.
      1. If a business associate is not conscientious about ethics, we will curtail business with them and prosecute them if feasible.