From Cas Berris:

25 Minute Drive

Intimate Rivera Style Beachfront Mediterranean City

  • Entire Santa Eularia Wrapped Around Open Natural Bay
  • White Sand Beach Hugs The Bay
  • Elevated Promenade Between Beach And Buildings
  • Terraced and Restaurants and Shops¬†Boarder Length of Promenade and Bay
  • Town Squares and Lanes Abundant with Shops,¬†Restaurants, Cafes and Pubs

Bay and Promenade Connect to Modern Yacht Harbor and Marina

  • Tour Boats
  • Charters Boats and Yachts Available
  • Speed Boats
  • Power Yachts
  • Sailing
  • Marina Restaurants
  • Boat Yard
  • Marine Supplies
  • Nightlife
  • Live Entertainment


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