Confirmed Sponsorships Require 50% of Agreed Upon Donation Be Remitted at Confirmation – Nonrefundable – Menu Selections Required Prior to Confirmation
Entertaining Formats – Planned Prior to Confirmation
The Balance of the Total Remittance Due
six (6) Months Prior to Corporate Sponsorship
All donations and funds accepted are in Euros only
Funds are Accepted Only from the Sponsor
Beverages are not included; The Sponsor Supplies Credit Card Information at Confirmation to Accommodate Beverage Billings. Billings Are in Euros Only. This Credit Card May Not Be Used To Pay Balance of Sponsorship. Only the Sponsor May Pay for Beverages. No Cash Is Accepted. Beverage Billings Are Made Daily.
Cas Berris Policies and Prevails:
Unpaid Sponsor Balances – Sponsorships Not Completed on Schedule Are Considered Abandoned and Forfeited. Cas Berris Will Re-Sponsor the Week(s). Upon Re-Sponsorship the Original Deposit Less 15% for Processing Fees Will Be Returned.
Damage Deposit – At Departure, Damage Deposits Will Be Credited to The Sponsor’s Credit Card.
Beverages – To Abide by Spanish and Insurance Requirements Governing Responsible Service of Beverages, Cas Berris: a.) Permits Beverages Containing Alcohol to Be Brought onto the Property Only by Qualified Vendors; b.) Does Not Permit Vehicles to Be Driven From Cas Berris by Individuals Whom The Maitre d’ Believes Are Impaired and; c.) A Sponsor or Guest May Be Denied Beverage Service on a Particular Occasion if the Maitre d’ Believes the Individual Is Inebriated.
Substances – To Abide by Spanish and Insurance Requirements Governing Controlled Substances, Cas Berris: a.) Permits No Narcotics and No Non-Prescribed Drugs on The Property b.) If Either Narcotics or Non-Prescribed Drugs Are Discovered to Be in Use on or Simply on the Property, the Police Will Be Notified and; The Sponsor and Guests Will Be Required to Vacate the Property, Forfeiting all Donations and Fees.
Property – Sponsors and Their Guests Are Not Permitted to Remove Any Property (Such as But not Limited to: Sunbeds, Towels, Tennis Racquets, Beverages, Etc.) from Cas Berris Without the Specific Consent of the Maitre d’.
Identification – Upon Completion of Sponsorship (Balance Paid) the Sponsor Is Required to Inform Cas Berris of The Identity of All of the Sponsor’s Guests. This Includes Supplying Copies of Passports. This Information Is Confidential and Will Not Be Shared by Cas Berris.
Gratuities and Service – Our Sponsor Service Staff Is of The Highest Quality. To Ensure Quality Staffing and To Demonstrate Cas Berris’ Confidence in Our Staff to Sponsors, Guests and Staff a 20% Gratuity Is Applied to All Statements for Food, Beverage and Honor Bars. Sponsors and Guests Are Not Obligated to Provide Additional Gratuities.
Donation Parameters and Currency Requirement are Subject to Change Without Notice
Administration and Management, Cas Berris Operations:
Jesus Herrero Anton, Chief Operating Officer and Comptroller

Stephen D. Bradley, General Manager Cas Berris and Cas Berris Operations

Brian K. Fairbend, Executive Director – Sponsor Relations , Sponsorship Acquisitions and Events

Stephen D. BradleyGeneral Manager Cas Berris Estate and Cas Berris Operations
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Brian K. Fairbend, Executive Director – Sponsor Relations , Sponsorship Acquisitions and Events

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