Cas Berris as A Nonprofit Has Sponsors. Upon Request Cas Berris Shows Its Appreciation to Corporate Sponsors for Their Donations By Allowing and Inviting Corporate Sponsors To Use Cas Berris to Facilitate Corporate Sponsors’ Programs
This Invitation Is Referred to as A Corporate Sponsorship.
Cas Berris is Available to Corporate Sponsors 52 Weeks per Year
Sponsorships Reserved in Advance
2014 Sponsorships Limited Availability
2015 & 2015 – Better Availability
Corporate Sponsor Donations and Included Amenities (2014)
Consistent parameters are formulated that recognize corporate sponsors in a specific fashion for donations of a specific amount.
Corporate Sponsorships Conditions for Cas Berris
Entirety Only
All Corporate Sponsorships Include:
Airport (or Ferry) Pickup and Drop-off
Onsite Concierge Services
Daily Services for Corporate Sponsors Their Guests
Concierge Services
Food and Beverage Service for 10:
Breakfast, Mid-morning Coffee-break, Luncheon, Mid-afternoon Coffee-break,, Cocktail Hour with hors’douvres, Dinner, Late Night Snack
Sponsor’s Choice:
One Day Sailing Charter (Luncheon on Board)
One Day Fishing Charter (Lunch on Board) Catch Prepared by Cas Berris
One Day Golf Tournament with Clubhouse Luncheon and Trophies
Corporate Donations Parameters
25,500.00 € to 35,000 € + per Week
Dependent Upon:
Time of Year
Specific Amenities and Services Requested
Menus and Wine
Additional Amenities and Services Available
Car & Driver
Christmas at Cas Berris
Easter at Cas Berris
Food and Beverage for Additional Guests (more than standard 10)
Entertaining Formats – Receptions, Luncheons, Dinners
Food and Beverages Available 24 Hours

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