Cas Berris is a singular and ideal venue for the Wedding – the happiest and solemnest of occasions. The property – elegant and resplendent in nature and history – importantly permits the Sponsor’s entire Wedding Party to be lodged at Cas Berris in two separate residences – one residence for bride’s party and one for groom’s party.
In addition there are two (2) master suites available for the bride’s parents and for the groom’s parents – the Forcart Cottage and the third floor Penthouse Master Suite in the main house. Each suite provides an ample dressing area.
All food and beverages of premium quality, preparation and service are provided by Cas Berris for 200 to 500 wedding guests. All menus are prepared on site.
Cas Berris is a premium year round worldwide destination. Consequently, Cas Berris use as a wedding venue is limited to one (1) wedding annually. Please contact Cas Berris earlier rather than later.

For inquiries and planning contact:
Stephen D. BradleyGeneral Manager Cas Berris Estate and Cas Berris Operations
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Brian K. Fairbend, Executive Director – Sponsor Relations , Sponsorship Acquisitions and Events

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