Commerce in diverse markets and specialized purposes for the Sponsorship demand specific requisites. No two (2) sponsorships are identical. Cas Berris collaborates with each sponsor from planning through implementation, to insure the success of each sponsorship.

First, it must must be determined how the Cas Berris configuration is to be optimally utilized to accommodate The Sponsor’s purpose for their business exercise. The utilization of the configuration may be changed as required during a sponsorship.
Second, required formats are individually designed to comfortably to effect realization of the sponsor’s objectives. Several formats are often implemented during a single Sponsorship: such as a meet and greet reception, casual barbeque luncheon, formal dinner party or any combination prescribed by the sponsor (10 to 500)
Third, menu items – cuisine and wine are selected. Cuisine is thoughtfully and carefully prepared on site with premium products originating from wherever in the world the menu demands. Wine selections are unlimited. Liquors and liqueurs are premium. Throughout the entire sponsorship, the attentive but invisible Cas Berris staff accommodates any wish of any Sponsor.

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