• 50% of the Sponsorship is remitted for confirmation (non refundable).
  • Balance due 60 days prior to arrival.
  • Donations and funds are accepted from the Sponsor of record only by wire transfer in Euros only.

Additional Amenities
A €2,000.00 damage deposit is debited to the the Sponsor’s Credit Card. Credit Card information to be provided at confirmation. Additional Donations to achieve amenities are applied to only the Sponsor’s credit card daily during the visit. Prearranged additional amenities are prepaid.

Design Points

  • Cas Berris is a nonprofit organization that is solely dependent upon Donations
  • Cas Berris designates Significant Donors as Sponsors
  • Cas Berris demonstrates its appreciation to Sponsors for their Donations by inviting Sponsors to visit Cas Berris
  • VAT and / or IVA are not applied to Donations
  • Visits are scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient to the Sponsor and to Cas Berris.
  • The visit is a Sponsorship
  • Donations are irrevocable and unconditional
  • Depending upon the regulations of a Sponsor’s sovereignty, Donations to Cas Berris are tax deductible

A Sponsor is many times more valuable to Cas Berris as a Sponsor then the Sponsor is as customer/client to a for profit enterprise; the Sponsor is assured to be proudly received by Cas Berris with incomparable care and concern for their enjoyment, pleasure and well being while visiting Cas Berris.

A visit is considered abandoned and forfeited if a Sponsorships is not completed as noted. Cas Berris will attempt to Re-Sponsor the Week.

Cas Berris Operations Administers, Manages and Operates Cas Berris on Behalf of The Friends of Cas Berris Association and Their Associates and Their Sponsors By Authority of The Board of Governors of The Friends of Cas Berris Association.

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